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1. Who is known as the ”Father of Six Sigma”?


2. A Green Belt conducts a frequency analysis with a bar chart and finds that intake staff’s policy and procedure awareness and unnecessary hard copy filing account for 80% of the delay in the application review process. What type of analysis did the Green belt most likely used?


3. An innovative governmental agency initiated a Lean Six Sigma project. A study was conducted which pointed to the existence of Temporal and Cyclical variation. Positional variation was not found. What type of study or analysis was likely conducted?


4. Which graph is used to show the relationship between two variables?


5. Which chart shows distribution of data?


6. What is the standard deviation?


7. Three ways in which Measure of Central Tendency can be calculated


8. Pie Chart is used for


9. PDCA cycle is given by


10. Variance can be calculated as


11. Which of the following options indicate Out of Control Situation in a control chart


12. The main purpose of the Cause and Effect Diagram is:

  1. Help identify the root cause of problems.
  2. Identify operators who operated the machine
  3. Identify all machine parts
  4. List all possible causes of the problem

Which of the above statements are correct?

Is fire hot or cold?

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