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Top 09 Best Seller Books on Six Sigma

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Written by Aryan Viswakarma

Is it worth getting Six Sigma certification?

Six Sigma is a powerful methodology for making breakthrough improvements in any organization. Because of its success in industrial application, it has gained lots of popularity in recent times. Organizations are looking forward to Six Sigma certificate holders having hands-on experience in driving projects so that they can focus on the key business issues of the organization and help the organization to make a positive impact on the bottom line.

Hence, for an individual, a formal certification will provide growth at a faster pace at the career front. The salary may also increase multifold with this certification. It would also provide required confidence knowledge to a professional to start his own consultancy if needed.

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There are different levels of six sigma and the level may progress in the order of Six Sigma White Belt, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a Champion level course for the top management. If you want to learn a subject or prepare for an exam on any of these certifications, then you need to refer to some good books. In this article, would be sharing my pick of Top Books to Prepare for a Six Sigma Certification.

Best Place to Get Six Sigma Certified

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Top 9 Six Sigma Books

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