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Top 05 Vernier Caliper Brands

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What are Vernier Calipers and How Do They Work in Measurement?

Before understanding the Top 05 Vernier Caliper brands in India, let’s first understand vernier caliper.

When measuring products, one of the most crucial topics to master is how to measure length and distances. For the most part, measuring scales do a good job, and everyone knows how to use them. However, the measuring scale can only provide a certain amount of accuracy, and when you need precise measurements that fall between two points on the scale, it’s tough to achieve a good reading without a little help.

Also, measuring scales are very susceptible to parallax errors, which can result in a significant difference in readings from person to person, making them unsuitable for applications such as scientific experiments, the construction of tools, or parts that require excellent tolerance, and navigation, and so on.

Vernier Calipers are instruments that provide the necessary precision. The Vernier scale was invented by French mathematician Pierre Vernier in 1631 to acquire more precise measurements than a traditional measuring scale. Calipers are measuring instruments that can grab the object to be measured and provide a reading based on the movement of a scale.

The Vernier Calipers were born as a result of the combination of these two factors, and they are still one of the most often used tools today.

It has two graduated scales: a primary scale that looks like a ruler and a specifically graduated auxiliary scale called the vernier that slides parallel to the main scale and allows readings to be taken to a fraction of a division on the main scale. Vernier calipers are commonly used for quality control measures in scientific facilities and industries.

Top 05 Vernier Caliper Brands in India

Mitutoyo (Japan):

Mitutoyo is a well-known brand in the field of measuring instruments, having a long history of creating some of the best precision equipment on the market. Mitutoyo Corporation was established in Kawasaki, Japan, in 1934. Their main goal was to provide high-quality micrometers that could be afforded by businesses all over the world.

After developing this concept, they moved on to additional instruments, such as vernier calipers, and grew into a global brand. Mitutoyo Corporation is known for incorporating cutting-edge technology into its equipment and is regarded as a global leader in metrology instrument manufacturing.

1.Mitutoyo 500-196-30 – aos – absolute digital vernier caliper, 0-6″ range.
2. Patented advanced onsite sensor (aos) offering improved measurement dependability by increasing resistance to harsh workshop conditions.
3.Lcd readout and function control buttons on the caliper face, including origin to set and retain the original measuring point, and zero/abs (absolute scale) to zero-set the LCD display
Comes with a calibration certificate
Made in japan

Mitutoyo 500-196-30 – Advanced Onsite Sensor – Absolute Scale Digital Caliper, 0-6 inch Range

BAKER (India):

BAKER is a solution provider for the engineering and metalworking industries’ linear dimensional measuring needs. Precision hand-held measuring instruments (micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, and so on), thread gauges, and multi-gauging solutions powered by air-electronic systems and computer software are among the products they make. It is amongst the Top 05 leading Vernier caliper brands in India.

BAKER is India’s leading maker of gauges and precision measuring instruments, with more than five decades of experience in the industry.

  • Attractive shape and elegant design complemented by uncompromising performance.
  • With 0.02mm Least Count & Shock Proof movement.
  • Accuracy as per DIN 862.Checks OD, ID, Step and Depth.
  • Robust, Hardened and Ground stainless steel jaws and beam, Supplied in a sleek plastic box
    With calibration certificate giving specified and actual values.

Baker Dial Vernier Caliper (0-300mm)

INSIZE (India):

INSIZE India is engaged in wholesaling and supplying a comprehensive line of Data Transfer & Caliper products. Founded in the year 1995 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). They claim to produce high-quality products that are distinguished for their corrosion resistance, dimensional correctness, and high efficiency.

  • INSIZE0-150mm 1108-150 Digital Caliper 150MM x 0.01MM (Standard Model) Inspection Certificate TRACEABLE to DKD


MGW (India):

MGW is a manufacturer of measurement instruments with pioneering experience in the ongoing assessment of demand in the industrial sector.

Info as per the Company-

The company claims to have developed highly experienced, highly accurate, and long-lasting measurement devices.

• All metal, plastic, and oil sectors, as well as scientific institutes, can benefit from highly durable precision measuring instruments.

• Micrometers, vernier calipers, dial gauges, canning gauges, combo sets, and other precision measuring devices are among your specialties.

• Every product is certified and covered by a warranty.

• All measuring instruments are repaired and calibrated.

• Expertise in the primary industrial measuring instruments

1.Metal Body and Metal Buttons
2.Screw for Battery Cover to prevent the Cap from falling off
3.Large and Clear Display for Easy Read Out
4. 4 in 1 – Inside, Outside, Depth and Step Measurement Range 0-150mm LC 0.01mm
5.Smooth Slider movement for comfortable operation

MGW Precision Digital Caliper 150mm/6″ DIGE150

Zhart (India):

Zhart is an Indian manufacturer of measurement instruments with pioneering experience in the ongoing assessment of demand in the industrial sector.

Electronic digital caliper Vernier
An ideal tool digital Vernier caliper for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications made of hardened stainless steel
Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately measured linear capacitive measuring system
Zero setting in any position with a small locking thumb screw which locks the jaws in place
With easy to read large LCD display handy conversion chart at the back

zhart Vernier Caliper Digital 150 mm/6-Inches LCD Display


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