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Why Become A Certified Supplier Quality Professional?

The certified supplier quality professional works with an Organization’s Supply Chain and suppliers to continuously improve the performance of key system components (increase lifecycle, reduce scrap, improve repair processes) by implementing process controls and developing quality assurance plans. The certified supplier quality professional tracks data to identify improvement projects and manages the cross-functional implementation to improve the performance of key components and suppliers.

Certification from QHI is considered a mark of quality excellence in many industries. It helps you advance your career, and boosts your organization’s bottom line through your mastery of quality skills. Becoming certified as a professional of Supplier Quality confirms your commitment to quality and the positive impact it will have on your organization.

What Are the Core Competencies of a Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP)?

  • Improvements to supplier strategy include supply chain cost analysis, agreements, and contracts, as well as life cycle management.
  • Effective risk management methods using analysis, preventive measures, and mitigation and control measures.
  • Processes for improving supplier selection and part qualifying through design reviews and qualification of parts, processes, and services.
  • Monitoring and enhancing supplier performance using supplier metrics and CAPA
  • Project management, performance reviews, and quality auditing are used to manage supplier quality.
  • Relationship management strategies include onboarding suppliers, communication, collaboration, and leadership
  • Business ethics, compliance with the law, and governance in the fields of intellectual property, secrecy, and compliance.

What Is the Value to Your Company?

Through effective operational management of suppliers’ total quality performance, you may prevent wasted income for your business.

• Use component quality assurance to your advantage that satisfies or surpasses design requirements.

• Amplify your competitive advantage by Suppliers responding quickly to changing markets and client requirements.

• Increase purchasing power through precise, timely supplier information.

• Utilize current data to make better business decisions from supplier information.

• Make sure the material quality is constant and reliable.

• Enhance general quality through recurrent Supplier adherence to established quality criteria.

• Be eligible for more jobs in contemporary business settings.

What Is the Value to You?

Become more employable in contemporary corporate settings.

Who Should Attend Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP) course?

  • Quality professionals or individuals looking to achieve their QHI Certification in Certified supplier Quality professionals should attend this training.
  • Individuals interested in managing and improving supplier quality performance
  • Quality Managers and Senior Managers
  • Supplier Quality professional
  • Other Management Professionals are interested in expanding their role to include supplier quality

Certification Exam

Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions measuring comprehension of the Body of Knowledge. The exam will be conducted online. It is only offered in English.

Pass Criteria:  > 60% marks

For candidates clearing the exam successfully certificate shall be issued by Quality HUB India, which is a registered organization with GOI for consultancy, training, and certification.

The candidate can buy the course from the given link:

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