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Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)

Six Sigma Master Black Belt
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Who is Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)?

Six sigma Master Black Belt

Let’s begin by establishing the definition of the role. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the highest level of certification for the Six Sigma improvement process technique. Master Black Belts are skilled in overseeing complex business processes, putting in place specialized programs in both small and large-scale businesses, and moving swiftly and fluidly between various organizational components. Master Black Belts are the employees of the firm who instruct Black, Green, and Yellow Belts in the Six Sigma methodology. They are also in charge of organizing Six Sigma projects for the business.

Role of Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB)

As they possess expertise that other professionals inside the company could need, Master Black Belts are also mentors. They will be expected to impart their knowledge and respond to inquiries pertaining to their job duties. Master Black Belts must have excellent leadership, interpersonal, and statistical skills due to these responsibilities. Because most Master Black Belts possess a wide range of abilities, businesses hire them to conduct significant improvement projects in an accurate and timely manner. These projects may enhance internal business processes and result in yearly cost savings of up to millions of dollars.

By sharing their expertise and instructing others in the right techniques for process improvement, Master Black Belts also contribute to the improvement of the processes inside a business. As they impart their knowledge of Six Sigma methodology to others, those people apply it to the Six Sigma projects they are assigned as well as their present duties, which results in further process improvement and cost savings.

The process improvement approaches and Six Sigma statistical tools are thoroughly trained to Master Black Belts. As they gain this information, they are typically required to impart it by instructing other people on how to carry out Six Sigma project functions. The trained individuals can obtain their Black, Green, or Yellow Belts depending on the quality of instruction provided by the Master Black Belts. These new Six Sigma experts are mentored by Master Black Belts during their initial projects, and they then stay on hand to offer advice as needed.

Master Black Belt Course from Quality HUB India

Quality HUB India™ brings you the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt E-Learning training course that will help you aim for a first-time pass of the Six Sigma Master Black Belt exam and gain the expertise to be a success at the workplace.

A Quality HUB India™ Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is an expert in the entire Six Sigma Body of Knowledge through the execution of a DMAIC or DMADV Project.  In addition, by having submitted an approved project, this individual has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of both Six Sigma philosophies and principles (including supporting systems and tools).

The Master Black Belt Certification designation also reflects the expert understanding of team leadership, team dynamics, and the ability to successfully assign team members roles and responsibilities. Lastly, it signifies a master-level understanding of the DMAIC model in accordance with the Six Sigma principles, knowledge of lean enterprise concepts, and skills to quickly identify “non-value-added” activities.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those who are responsible for change agents, program managers, operations management, quality control, and engineering including department managers, , quality representatives, engineers, and administrative staff who have a focus on business improvement, performance, and profitability.

What to Expect

The Official QHI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification has both an exam and project management requirement.


A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt or Six Sigma Black Belt issued by Quality HUB India™ or from any other similar reputed organization is a prerequisite for applying for this Certification.

A minimum of 3 years of previous experience executing Six Sigma Projects in a Black Belt capacity (or equivalent) is required. 

Exam Component:

There are 150 multiple-choice questions on the official QHI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification exam. You will have 5 hours to complete an open-book test (we advise you to use the video modules + reference study materials alternatively).

Multiple-choice and true/false questions from the various components of the QHI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt “Body of Knowledge” make up the Exam. It is possible to take the official QHI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification exam online.

Applicants will have 2 free attempts to successfully pass the exam with the required minimum score of 70%.  If unsuccessful after 2 attempts, the applicant would need to pay the nominal examination assessment fee again for the 3rd attempt.

After fulfilling the prerequisites, individuals will receive an Official QHI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification from Quality HUB India™, one of the most respected training and certification organizations in the Six Sigma sector which is a registered organization with MSME GOI for training and certification courses.

The Course is Certified / Accredited by “The Council for Six Sigma Certification” (CSSC), “International Quality Federation” (IQF), and “International Accredited Organisation” (IAO), and the certificate will bear the logo as well.

Our certifications have no expiration date. We believe that certifications that require “renewals” serve only to boost certification companies’ profits rather than to help individuals. Why should your professional certification expire but your master’s degree in business does not?

Project Component:

After passing the exam with the required minimum score, the applicant must submit a minimum of two completed Six Sigma projects using either the DMAIC or DMADV methodologies. The projects must be distinct from any projects submitted for Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt Certification.

The project is fundamentally an evaluation of the individual’s understanding of the Six Sigma methodology and his or her proficiency in outlining and executing the necessary steps.

The projects are graded by our expert Master Black Belts. The project examiner is under strict contractual Non-Disclosure Agreements to help ensure confidentiality.

Projects take 5 -8 business days to be reviewed.

The MBB examining the project will look to determine if specific “criteria” have been met in order to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the project’s implementation. They look for things like pre-planning comparisons of potential projects, project charters, understanding and application of analysis tools, proper control plans, and so on.

Candidates will have three chances to revise and resubmit their project if it is rejected because it does not match QHI’s criteria (within 1 year of payment). When a proposal is rejected, the candidate is notified of which aspects of the project need to be improved before it can be resubmitted.

Potential benefits of the program

  • Allows senior management to play a more active role in achieving organizational excellence.
  • Develop leadership skills to help your company transform.
  • Assume the role of a change management leader and implement strategies for fostering an excellent culture.
  • Recognize opportunities for digitization, automation, and robotics to boost organizational performance.
  • Improve your ability to make a clear link between Lean Six Sigma results and strategic goals.
  • Recognize the main tactics that will help a company become a leader in the ecosystem in which it operates.
  • Develop the ability to build a well-structured infrastructure for managing improvement, innovation, and transformation.
  • Career advancement and competency development in the sphere of Business Excellence
  • Coach teams on project management, intergroup collaboration, and crucial outcome-driven milestone management.
  • Be a subject authority in planning and implementing strategic initiatives on Business Excellence in a diverse context 
  • Share experiences and learn from industry leaders

The candidate can buy the course from the given link:

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